Therapy sessions are typically held once per week, although the frequency may vary depending upon your needs. Our meetings are held by appointment, and they are 50 minutes in length unless otherwise specified. That period is reserved for you, so I ask that you please provide at least 4 hours advance notice if you must cancel.

If you miss multiple sessions we may need to discontinue treatment. If at any point in treatment you are having difficulty paying your bill, please let me know so that we can discuss possible options.

It is difficult to specify up front how many sessions you will need. That is why we must periodically review your goals to see if they've been met or to see if they must be revised. The decision to continue or stop treatment is, ideally, one that we will make together. However, many insurance plans limit the number of sessions they will pay for, and we should give thought to what can be accomplished within those limits. I encourage you to discuss any concerns you have about our work together. If at any point you wish to seek treatment with another clinician I will provide you with referral.